About Us

rSupply. Redefining and streamlining the recycling business cycle.

rSupply, headquartered as a limited liability company in Rotkreuz, Switzerland, serves the International recycling community as an independent commodity trader.

rSupply specializes in streamlining the recycling flow between recycling plants and suppliers at every step of the recycling chain. Contacts are peer to peer based, ensuring direct transactions whenever possible.

rSupply allows recycling plants to outsource their complete supply management, gives expanded sales opportunities to suppliers and assists investors as they enter the recycling market.

rSupply is led by long-time business insiders of the waste, supply-chain, investment and commodity industries. The company sees integrity at the core of sustainable success and long term business partnerships. Thorough quality controls throughout all operations are a given as is strict adherence to the international legal framework.

rSupply Solutions AG
Riedstrasse 1
CH-6343 Rotkreuz