Rethink recycling

We enable premium quality packaging materials made from 100% post-consumer Recyclate.

For rSupply, “Circular Economy” only works if a product is at least as valuable after recycling as it was before disposal.

To achieve this, we have continuously improved our reprocessing activities and optimized our products in close cooperation with responsible packaging producers. Today, our products can be reintroduced into new packaging without any loss in quality.

We focus equally on both ecological and economic factors. We are convinced that the future belongs to innovative solutions – and to companies like us that implement them with a sense of responsibility, expertise, and creativity.

Ambitious Recycling

rSupply uses our extensive value chain experience to produce post-consumer plastic that meets the high-quality criteria demanded by market leaders in Europe.

The future belongs to the circular economy because plastic is a valuable raw material that must be used instead of disposed of.

The successful transformation to a circular economy depends on continuous delivery of high-quality recycled products.

Make Your Brand Green

Our experts have been leaders in the recycling market for decades. Our is a link between brand owners, producers of plastic packaging, compounders, and waste management. Together we enable plastic to embark on a circular journey.

Through intensive testing and trials, we have succeeded in processing post consumer packaging in such a way that it can be used as 100% granulate for packaging.

We manufacture products tailor-made precisely to fit demanding requirements. We determine together with our customers how our granules are to be used, whether as a blend with virgin material or as a 100% recycled solution.

Based on our holistic approach, we are happy to work directly with packaging distributors or with brand owners. Together, we work on ways to design packaging in such a way that the reuse of recycled material can be the new standard. Companies that follow the circular economy journey with us can be assured that their product packaging is produced from sustainable plastic.

Shades of grey

One of the challenges when it comes to recycling HDPE is sorting the input material by the many colours in circulation in the market. Mixing colours that cannot be sorted separately results in rHDPE, which is grey and available in sufficient quantities in very good quality.

Since we have committed ourselves to a full circular economy, we try to use every part of the waste material we recycle. After an extensive period of product development and testing we are very proud to announce that our experts can deliver a consistently high quality granulate with a shade of grey.

Transparency Clarity Certainty

Supply Chain Management Solutions: Access a wide variety of customized services.

Choosing rSupply puts well-honed efficiency at your fingertips because due to our perspective across the entire recycling industry.

Whatever your service needs, expect a comprehensive, efficient solution. We ensure a long-term, sustainably accessible, recycled material. Our customers can count on reliable supply.

Transparency, clarity and certainty. This is our promise to you as our business partner.

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Rsupply Retink Recycling
Rsupply Retink Recycling